Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon Fever!!

I saw new moon last night. Oh My Heavens!! Jacob Black is soooo sexy!! It was better than twilight! I personal think that Vampires are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo over rated! :D I love werewolves!! It was done very well and i will so buy it when it comes out on DVD!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have not posted in a long time. I have moved out, found a job, registered for Fall at UVU, found a job, moved into my new place, joined Envision, and now i am just waiting for the divorce to be final. I am also getting the help I have needed since my dad and mom got divorced when i was 8. I am moving toward being happy and healthy. I have lost about 15 pounds and loving it. My life is slowly getting semi back to normal. I am excited to see what the future holds for me. BRING IT ON!!! I am ready and waiting with open arms. I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things come up...

As most of you know, Allan and I are divorcing. Things just didn't work out. I left him and later realised that i was loosing my family. I asked if I changed, got help, fixed problems would he consider staying together, He said,"I AM DONE!!!" So there ya go. I am getting the help i need. I am moving on with my life and trying to stay sane. I do not have custody of athrun right now, only because i do not have a stable home for him right now. But in a few years I will go to court to have that changed. I want to have a good job and a home for me and him. I plan on going to either Dental Assisting School or become a medical assistant. Life is moving on and so am I. I still have feelings for him and i love him but it just was not working anymore. Maybe in a few years down the road maybe not. Only time will tell. I will embrace change and:
"Come what may."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dream Job..

I might have my dream job... I might be the colorguard Director for Springville. They are supposed to call me some time to set up an interview and a teaching expericence thingy. I hope and pray i get this. I love doing guard and teaching it and getting paid for what i love to do, what more could i ask for? Sa-weeeet!!! But i will keep you posted on what goes down.

You tube...

As i was surfing you tube the other day, i came across a Dance Company from Korea. Wow they are amazing! There are a few dances that are just ah-mazing. The dancers are so beautiful. their lines, movements, are just so fluid. It is so inspiring. It makes ya want to be a dancer.
You to You Tube and search Kiaro Dance Company.

future career

I have decided what i want to do with the rest of my life. I am going to be a dental assistant. I am excited. They make great money and i can work a few days a week. It is wonderful. If i go full time i would be done in a year, but since athrun is not old enough to go to school, i will go part time. I dont know what school but i do know that i am doing dental assisting.
If any of you have any suggestions for schools or students loans please feel free to let me know. I am open to suggestions.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stoked about Envision....

I am so stoked!! I have decided (with my husband in agreement) that i am going to do envision this year. I am so excited. I got a rifle from my awesome friend Lexie and i have started to practice again for Auditions. I have to say i was not as bad as i thought i was going to be. I have not spun since November of 2007 and i still got it. So I am DETERMINED to make rifle line this year. I have been practicing so hard on tosses and spins and little things. I will NOT settle for anything less than rifle line. I WILL make rifle line if it kills me. But auditions have not even started yet and i dont know when they will. But i will keep you posted on what happens.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I am so bummed. I am really sick of this winter weather. Spring started like 3 weeks ago and last time i checked winter is not for another 6-8 months. Although, when spring comes in like a "lion", it goes out like a "lamb" so maybe by the time lovely mother earth decides to send us beautiful warm weather it will be summer. GRRR! I want warm weather where i can wear "crapies"(Capries) and shorts. Not pants and sweaters. Maybe Mother Earth didnt get the memo pertaining the season change? Hmmmm? Makes sense, right?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Winter guard....

So I have decided to choreograph a winter guard show. I have a song but its 5 min long and i know that is too long. but if i could cut the first 25 sec of the song it would be perfect. Although i could do the dance part of it now, i dont have a flag or a rifle to do choreography. :( which poses a problem in starting. But i have asked around to friends, and i am waiting to hear from them.
However if i can practice now i may just tryout for envision next year. But it is a huge MAYBE. I miss colorguard so much. I miss learning new things and the comps. Those are the funnest part of the season.
It is a work in progress. I am excited to have a hobby and maybe have a small guard of my own some day. I know i am not a pro dancer, but i learn and catch on VERY fast and it would not be too hard to come up with dance and flag and rifle movements. I had a wonerful guard director in high school and she has taught me so much.
I will keep you posted

Monday, March 23, 2009

happenings and awesome ideas....

I am not sure what to blog about today... Not much had happened.
~We got our new phones, and they are the coolest.
~I had my first week in the deli and i sliced my finger, not bad but it is healed nicely. It hurt so bad. I love it in the Deli. I am ALWAYS busy doing stuff. cleaning and cooking. It was a good move i will have to say. :D
~I bought Twilight. I love the movie, and cant wait to see the next one later this year. I hope it is good and not a crappy movie.
~ The store ( Provo Art and Frame) got robbed Saturday. No one got hurt. We all think it was an employee. No one else knows where the money is... But we have our suspicions who it was. I just dont know why they would do that.
So thats what has happened. Not very exciting i know, but what can you do?
Although i had an idea..
I want to choreograph a simple winter guard show. I miss Guard so much. So i know i am not a professional dancer but it would be fun for me. I get so bored and it would be a little hobby. I now need to find a song to start the process. not that i would have a guard of my own but maybe some day... ya never know....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Phone...

So Friday i really wanted to go out on a date with my honey. I didnt care where we went as long as we go ALONE time to our selves. We decided to go to the Verison phone store. * side note- our phones are horrible and we hate Tmobile* So before we left, i had called Tmobile and asked when our contracts end, and they end the 21, this saturday. I was soooo excited. We head off to the Mall and visit the Verison store. We wanted to get an idea of what kind of phones we wanted and get a price range. We found the coolest, and most perfect phones. The Blackberry Storm. They are having a great deal where if you buy a blackberry you get one free. WOW!! What a deal! I am the kind of person who looks and lives for killer deals, and this is a killer deal. I am sooooo Excited. We have to wait till at least Next Sunday for our contract to totally end, and then wait till we get our tax return. So I can not wait to get a new phone and a new number. ( oh if any of you would like my new number when i get it please let me know and i will get it to you.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Outraged and Livid...

I am so PISSED right now!!! My friend sent an invite on Facebook saying," STOP HBO from releasing sacred Temple Ordinances." I was like what no way!! So i Googled it. i put in HBO LDS and i found the website. It is about this Ex- LDS guy who went to HBO and they are doing a show or movie about what happens in the Temple. they have costumes and stuff. they have a picture of the costumes. I read some of the comments that people were saying. I just started to cry. People just dont get it. It is very sacred. they were saying stuff like we are a cult and it is good that it is coming out. Just check out this website or google it. I just dont get it. Why people do stuff like that? Of ALL people to do this... and ex-LDS member who knows what he is doing is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong. I just cry thinking that this world is sooo corrupt now and it will only get worse. so check out the website or google it. google HBO LDS. it is the 3 one down. my only question is: WHY????